Performing, composing, arranging, recording, producing, loving.       

I am married to Anita for the last 23 years. She has been my best friend and supporter..I had a career in the beauty industry as a hair stylist for 35 years.

I also have two daughters I love very much and 2 grand children. You can say I am truly Blessed. On that subject of being Blessed I have Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

​Jason Muscat

I played in bands when I was a high schooler. I went to Vietnam in 1968 and returned from that war a damaged soul. I lost my desire to play music again.

Flash forward 40 years and under the care of Doctor Tom Neylan of the Veterans Administration,Ft Miley,San Francisco, California. I started to resolve my issues with PTSD. We talked about my youth and how I loved being in bands. Tom encouraged me to go for it again,that it would be great for my recovery. I have worked so hard on my self the last 30 years including getting clean and sober. I took a chance and started lessons on Bass guitar.  

 This is the next chapter meeting Jason Muscat in San Francisco. Jason has been a great teacher,and friend.He has brought me along with much kindness,understanding and is in my corner.

​I have been involved with Crossroads bands under the direction and production of Micheal LaMaccia.And 3 very good producers ,Jason Carr,Mike Saliani,Rob Fordyce. So far to date I have played in 8 different bands. Look for listings on this web site for up and coming shows.

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K Aldrich

​Bass Guitarist

My Bass guitar career started late in life

This guy has been a very important part of my recovery.I am thankful for his support of me,and the weekly lessons he gives me.He is such a positive force in my music career.Thank You Jason for being my teacher,and friend.

Check out his band ​ Tainted Love